Intuitive, web-based barrister practice management software.

Tiro’s simple but powerful features will save you valuable time.

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Get an overview of your practice with one glance, click through to see more detail, and track to-dos.

Time and expense tracking

Capture every second of your time, by matter or task. Start a timer on one device, stop on another.

Custom document generation

Automate commonly sent letters and other documents. Edit from anywhere. Send PDFs with one click.

Matter management

Bring together tasks, documents, bills and contacts. Capture information about your matters and use it in templates.

Flexible billing

Time or task based billing, with custom rates per matter. Build fee notes from estimates, logged time and expenses.

Advanced reporting

Detailed activity reports, with the ability to find overdue invoices and un-billed work. Export reports to Excel.

Save time

Create and send documents in minutes, spend less time on laborious admin, and access your info from any device.

Stay secure

All data is securely hosted in our Irish data centre, using 256-bit EVSSL encryption and automatic backups.

“Tiro was born from a desire to save me time in running my practice. Things that used to take me 30 minutes can now be done in 30 seconds. I've watched Tiro grow since customers first started using it in 2015. Customer feedback has been the key component in developing a system that is both powerful and flexible.”

Anton HughesBarrister and Tiro Founder

“I enjoying using Tiro much more than my previous software.”

Paul JTiro user since 2016

“Overall, I am very impressed. Tiro is an excellent piece of software. I can definitely see the time saving benefit of the system.”

Paul OBarrister


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